In Memory

Sharon Walters 14/12/1958 to 09/11/2011

Sharon's main complaint about me was I did not talk much, which is probably why it took me a week to write this and may explain the lack of arguments over the years.

Sharon passed away at just 52 touching so many people's lives. She was kind and supporting to all but did not hesitate to show the rough side of her tong if she thought it was needed.

A giver of advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, always ready to help anyone friend or foe.

Yes she was no angel and quick to anger but still. She did not deserve the ending life had planned for her.

I promised her that if I was able to. When the day came I would make her funeral a happy day for every one to remember her by, a celebration, a party of laughter and happiness.

On my own I would have failed miserably, but I have a fantastic family thanks to Sharon, and without asking they all pitched-in. I would like to thank every one who made the funeral a day to remember.

I will always love and miss you and I doubt that I will ever fill the space now inside but I am so very glad you are no longer suffering.

Rest in peace my darling your ever loving husband.