Payment Section.
This is where you can pay your Fix Comp or GS Studios bill by debit, credit card or paypal account.

All invoices are priced for cash payment. We are charged by the various payment services for their services, below are the services we use and what they charge us.

Voice Pay Secure Credit and Debit Card Payment
Please phone 0800 44 88 645 or 01234 750250 to use this option.
We can only take GBP payments on this service.
Mastercard & Visa Cards Fee ( this is the % charged on each Sale)** 2.19%
Transaction Fee (applies to Sales; Refunds and Voids)** 0.20
UK Maestro & Solo Cards (only available on GBP Accounts) 0.50
*Please note that UK Maestro and Solo transactions will appear as "VoicePay" on Cardholder's statements*

Pay Through Paypal
Paypal charge us 4.5% for using their service. You must make sure you add this to the total ammount you pay.
Thank you.

Please put your invoice number along with your name in the payment notes. Thank you.

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Payments through Paypal
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