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Project Management

Backup Service
For full details call 01234 510502
Fix Comp now run our own online backup service. (constant broadband connection required)

Only 10 a month

Single computers for Just 10 per month (120 per year) on a 12 month contract payable monthly in advance by standing order or paypal. Or one yearly payment of 120.
Further computers POA.

This price is for 2 gig storage, further storage is availiable in 1 gig portions costing 50p per month or 4 per year .

The price includes Fix Comp doing the initial install and set up of the program on the computer.

Your files will be stored on servers in secure data centers with a password that only you know.

Full terms of service can be found HERE.

Backup Service and Maintenance Service
Backup and Maintenance Services Combined

Only 22 per month

Get both for Just 22 per month on a 12 month contract payable monthly in advance by standing order.

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Project Management

Maintenance Service
For full details call 01234 510502
Fix Comp now run a computer maintenance service.

!!Virus and Malware infections are chargeable as extras !!

Only 15 per month

Single computer for Just 15 per month on a 12 month contract payable monthly in advance by standing order or paypal.
Further computers POA.

1. Services Provided

During the Maintenance Period or at such other times as Fix Comp may nominate, Fix Comp will provide the maintenance service as follows:- Click here for TOA

1.1 Fix Comp shall provide an Equipment maintenance service on a regular basis of every four months to provide day to day maintenance and repair of the Equipment as necessary to keep the Equipment in good operating condition.

1.2 If at any time the Equipment becomes inoperative for any reason, the Customer shall notify Fix Comp and Fix Comp shall at the earliest practicable opportunity, provide remedial maintenance to put the inoperative Equipment in such condition as constitutes good operating condition.

1.3 Fix Comp (subject to Clause 2) will use its [best] endeavours to maintain the software programs comprised in the Equipment and undertakes to reinstall any software program which may have been damaged or made unavailable due to hardware failure and to render such technical assistance as may be necessary to secure the satisfactory operation of the computer programs. Upon receipt of the Customer's request for support or rectification of a defect, Fix Comp shall (subject to its then current commitments) normally begin work on such support or defect not later than the first working day thereafter and shall diligently continue the work during normal working hours until the work is completed to the reasonable satisfaction of the Customer.

[1.4 Fix Comp will not guarantee the performance of any third party software programs which Fix Comp has undertaken to reinstall per Clause 1.3.]

2. Customer's Obligations

The Customer will allow Fix Comp access to the Equipment and computer programs for investigation purposes, provide adequate working space and facilities for Fix Comp staff and will co-operate with them in the diagnosis of the defect or malfunction in the Equipment or computer program.

The Customer shall allow Fix Comp the use of any machinery attachments features or other equipment necessary to enable it to provide the maintenance services and shall be responsible for procuring, installing and maintaining all communications media not supplied by Fix Comp.

The Customer will not allow any changes or modifications to the computer programs by anyone other than Fix Comp staff. If such changes or modifications are carried out Fix Comp reserves the right to review this Agreement and adjust accordingly.

The Customer will make freely available to Fix Comp all documentation associated with the system, working documents, original program media, current data backup copies and Equipment for the efficient maintenance of the Equipment and the computers programs.

The Customer will undertake to create regular current data backup copies in such a manner as to minimise any potential data loss and to ensure that these are available if required by Fix Comp.

The Customer shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and health of Fix Comp personnel while such personnel are at the Customer's premises.

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Project Management

Online / Cloud Accounting Service
For full details call 01234 501502

For just 35 setup and then only 15 a month 12 month contract payable by standing order.

Our cloud accounting software by NolaPro is supplied for free but still packs a lot of features along with an easy-to-use, secure interface and support for multiple currencies and languages. Low cost modules and options are available to expand and customize NolaPro, or to integrate NolaPro with third party software.

NolaPro accounting software our low cost on-demand hosting service. NolaPro runs securely over the Internet, with no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users and with the ability to handle multiple companies with separate books.

The list of accounting features in NolaPro is impressive:
  • Complete Accounting
  • Receivables and Billing
  • Payables and Vendor Management
  • Payroll and Employee Data
  • Inventory Tracking and Shipping
  • Order Entry
  • Administrative Control
  • International Support
  • Language Translator
  • VAT/GST Functionality
  • Flexible Currency Setup
  • Ecommerce Features
  • B2B Web Portal
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)

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Online / Cloud Project Management

For just 35 install and then only 35 a month 12 month contract payable by standing order.

We'll guide you through the initial setup. For full details call 01234 510502

This Project Management has a project structure tree that can be subdivided into sub-projects, and unlimited tasks can be added to these, not necessarily to your teams delight.
It contains an advanced calendar module with options to send reminders by email and SMS if available, as well as being able to add comments to event and privatize or publicize events and meetings.
It also features a resource reserving system, this should make your team more efficient and productive, and allow you to know who's using what, when.

As with most project management tools, it includes the normal contact/team manager modules, request and support trackers as well as a note system. Unusually though it also includes time card systems, a feature many administrators are keen to get, and also an optional inbuilt mail server management system, giving you complete control.
There is also a voting module, allowing your team to vote on issues about the project, allowing the administrator to find good times for meetings, deadlines even budgets.

A demo version will be ready in a few days please call 01234 510502 for details.